Business Model

Business Model


Digital Marketing is a new look of the traditional Marketing with more power features, capabilities with high return on investments (ROI), Digital Marketing must go through sequence of steps starting with a web site design & Development but not ending with it.

ICONS offer sequence of steps which grantee the success of your online business as the following:


The first step in your digital marketing is determining the budget of your online plan depending on your markets, your customers, and your digital marketing plan for the one year.


Analysis the current situation of your online business and your competitors as the following:

  • Understand current scenario.
  • Understand customer’s needs.
  • Understand competitor behavior.
  • Understand business goals/objectives.
  • Competitors (Links / Search Engine profile).
  • Client's strengths & weaknesses.

To output with our proposal of your digital marketing plan.


Being a customer-oriented company, we do our best to make our digital marketing development process as clear and transparent for our clients as possible.

ICONS Portfolio

Start the online presence by creating your web site around marketing model and concepts; we should thinking about our project [web site] as the following:

  • Using the latest applications development methodologies.
  • Developing long relationships with our clients.
  • Providing unparalleled customer support.
  • Using the best development technologies available.
  • Being abreast of every new technology arena.

Analysis the current situation of your online business and your competitors as the following:

  A- Target Markets: Countries
  B- Target Clients: B2B - B2C - C2C - C2B

These project costs savings and high-quality are enabled by:

  • Methodology
  • Quality
  • Business Models
  • Skill Set

Approach leads to deeper understanding of the application domain, resulting in:

  • Complete project requirements.
  • Quick startup of the project.
  • Effective development process.
  • Quality assurance for all development stages.
  • Effective communication between client and development team.


ICONS development methodology provides comprehensive and flexible approaches to choosing and implementing the best solutions rapidly and cost-effectively. The methodology based on the Rational Unified Process encompasses many of the best procedures of website and mobile application development process including developing website and mobile application iteratively, managing requirements in development cycle, using component-based architectures, and continuously controlling projects changes and quality.










ICONS are an Egyptian Information Technology Solution Provider Company engaged in the field of internet solutions and e-marketing.

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