Consulting Packages

Our Packages as Following

Have a look at below ICONS Digital Consulting Packages and then choose which one is convenient for your online business, and if you need help we can advise:

Tasks / Packages A B C
1. Consultation Fees (Monthly)
- Analyses the current situation
- Collect marketing mix [4 Ps]
- SWOT analysis
- Create Annual Digital Marketing plan
- Promote your company through pull and push digital marketing channels
- Build Digital Marketing Department
- Choose Digital Marketing Team
- Daily Supervision [plan & team]
- Social profiles [Face book, LinkedIn, instagram, Tweeter, Google+, YouTube]
- Daily Visitors Analyses
- Cost / visitor / Call / Client / Channel
Yes Yes Yes
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing & Sales Digital Marketing, Sales, Business Development & Customer Services
[%] of Total Sales Volume
2. In House Digital Team
- Team Salaries 3000 LE / Person 4 Girls * 4000 LE / Person = 16000 LE / Month
1 Graphic designer = 8000 LE / Month
3. SEO
- Search Engine Optimization
- Google First Page
1000 LE / Search phrase / Month
4. Online Advertising Budget / Month
- Based on Ads. campaigns History Yes Yes Yes
5. Online advertising Management
- 20% of Adv. Budget Yes Yes Yes
6. Online Social CRM Rent
- 20% of Adv. Budget Yes Yes Yes










ICONS are an Egyptian Information Technology Solution Provider Company engaged in the field of internet solutions and e-marketing.

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