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Tablets, smartphones, wearable’s incredible growth has turned mobile applications deployment into an essential instrument for a large and powerful market. The best mobile app features should be taken into in-depth consideration to integrate an app into the model of business. Implementing invaluable app features to reflect brand personality and values does not depend on the business type you run. The following vital mobile app development features can help to dive into details while creating a thriving application for your business:

Usability first

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High-quality app creating is very crucial. The app should be innovative, informative, easy to navigate. It should focus on interaction and simplicity, be not complicated and include the things that are expected.

Push Notifications

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Using simple notifications/messages is the most essential feature for direct communication with your customers by applying a device. It is used for reporting on new features, sending promotional offers that drive engagement and monetization opportunities.

Feedback system

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Feedback providing is critical to garner a reputation. Let users report bugs, complaints or suggestions, then give them feedback about the further improvements and fixes by using an open forum. It will be appreciated that their propositions are heard and accepted. It leads to enhancing trust and credibility.

Social Integration

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Social integration is a necessary feature in brands and consumers connecting within the application ecosystem. Integrating with social channels simplifies the signing up process by retrieving information from the channel, allows to share posts about various events to remain users engaged with the app.


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By customising content, layout, system functionality, the experience can be tailored to meet user’s needs. Items can be moved around an interface to prioritise user’s taste, interesting topics can be selected and colours, fonts, other factors related to the visual design can be altered.

Augmented Reality

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An innovative and dynamic feature that allows “to try before buy” model. This model enables to try on new items or goods based on users’ characteristics to increase their ability before making a decision to purchase. AR feature goes beyond the realms of reality and provides with something exciting and extremely interactive.

Google Indoor-Maps

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It is a relatively new feature that allows to navigate within indoor locations (malls, libraries, museums, or sports venues). Indoor-maps feature is useful for finding the shortest route to a particular store within a mall, or navigating a large museum, finding the closest restaurants, or coffee shops, etc.

Payment Gateway Integration

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Accepting payments is essential in trading and an extra marketing. It is highly advantageous to increase in the sales raising, and thus companies market share. This feature is applied for checking the user’s information validation, ensuring an appropriate amount of money for making a purchase is.

Advanced Analytics

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Implementation the analytics feature is the key element that is used to understand the user’s behaviours deeper by tracking and measuring their activity within the app. It is useful in identifying the marketing strategy, working towards user experience improvement, which will ultimately benefit the company’s business.

One click contacting

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The crucial feature that intends to make phone calls. Any company should have one click contacting feature that will quickly reach your office by phone with a single click. It connects consumers with a business while on the go.

QR/Barcode Scanner Integration

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QR and Barcode Scanner is a highly advantageous feature allowing customers to come directly in a convenient way. QR code is picked to be framed and scanned in order to redirect a user to an item detail page helping to save time, to provide the best user experience or UX, and to improve conversion.


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The primary feature that should be implemented to protect data confidentiality. Security capabilities, security improvements should be added to the app to keep data both private and secure. It helps to increase and to improve the trust factor of the mobile app.

The Bottom Line

iPhone and Android OS increase has a great impact on app development and implementation in a large mobile industry. While the app building and designing users’ satisfaction with innovative, friendly, simple app should be taken into account. It helps to fulfill the requirements and needs of the end users.

12 most critical features of the mobile application are presented in the article to reveal what makes a good app profitable. The mentioned features of the good app can be applied to both iPhone and Android platforms to create an intuitive and fast application.

Professional mobile app development services

The DDI Development Company provides full-scale mobile development services for the iOS and Android platforms, including mobile device testing. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly, stylish, and useful applications for your business.

  • Build an original start-up solution. The mobile software market is filled with tons of available apps, but a relatively low number of them make their way to users’ devices and become popular. Our mobile developers are motivated to build a competitive and unique product, which is going to find its audience and turn your sheer enthusiasm into financial success.
  • Expand your enterprise. Ways to use mobile capacities in business are numerous. They range from online selling and advertising apps to complex CRM-integrated mobile technologies that can be used to administer your corporate CRM remotely via a smartphone.
  • Create the mobile version of your website. Let’s face the truth: your online resource is fatally outdated if it doesn’t run smoothly on a phone. We will provide agile mobile development for your site the way it will look native on modern Android and iOS devices.
  • Port your current application to another platform. It’s time to broaden your market coverage by porting the app to Android or iOS. Our mobile developers are ready to bring the similar design and functionality quickly and accurately.

Why mobile development is so important for business?

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Mobile services are the turning point for the modern commerce. They have radically shortened the distance between an entrepreneur and a client: a cell phone is always there for your customer to perform a target action in a matter of several fingertip gestures. According to the latest research an average American spends 162 minutes per day on a smartphone, excluding the time spent on voice calls, emails, and messaging. 80% of this time goes on applications. Isn’t that impressive?

Obviously, you can’t just dedicate an app to a promotion of your goods and service. Aggressive commerce doesn’t work here. Your product must deliver original and convenient functionality to a client in order to meet the market challenges. That is why DDI Development would like to become your trusted partner as a mobile development company.

We will do research, evaluate your idea in terms of its originality, and reconcile a design the way it would provide the most efficient flow through an application for a user. Mobile development will be performed within the iterative methodology, which allows to test and rethink the functional features during the project lifecycle.

Why mobile development is so important for business?

Mobile Application

What platform should you choose for mobile app. development?

Are you going to sell the application itself and ask for in-app purchases? Apple users are usually of the higher income, that’s why iOS apps give 45% more revenue per user. If you provide the product for free, the Android platform might be your choice.

Is your application going to provide retail selling? 23% of iPhone users buy things on their smartphones against 17% of Android adherents.

What countries do you specify the application for? Americans and Europeans tend to buy Apple devices more often, whereas citizens in Asia, Southern America, Africa, and Australia prefer Android smartphones, that have 80% of the cell phone market coverage worldwide.

What kind of a budget do you have for mobile development services? Actually, you need relatively equal amounts of money to build the same app for different platforms, although Android development might be slightly more expensive due to a large variety of cell phone producers and models.










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