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The term template - as used by Websites & More - refers to the basic design created for a web site which will be modified and ultimately reproduced to offer a uniform web presence.
Spiders are used by search engines to retrieve web pages. Once a spider encounters a "link" on a web page - it will retrieve that page as well. Often "child menus" and "site maps" are used to increase spider effectiveness.
A Web Server sends web pages to the "browser". Every Web Server has an "IP Address" and often also has a "domain name".
Search engines are Web programs that categorize web content for user retrieval. Usually the content is found by spiders - then the content of the site and often its keywords are reviewed by the search engine and the page is then categorized. Users visit the search engine - type in a keyword or query - and upon submission the engine returns related sites.
A script is a simple list of commands to be executed without user interaction. Scripts are commonly used to interact with HTML to create dynamic effects.
The term rollover is commonly used by Websites & More staff when referring to mouse over or hover events programmed in "JavaScript" or "CSS". A common example of a rollover effect would be a button or text link changing color when the mouse cursor hovers over it.
The term "resolution" - as used by Websites & More - most commonly refers to the screen resolution of a computer monitor. The most common resolution is 800 x 600. This is also the resolution that many web designers use when creating web pages. The number 800 x 600 refers to the number of pixels - or colored dots - that are displayed.
Usually used when referring to "browsers" - the Refresh - or Reload button - recalls the current "URL" to allow for any new information in the file to be displayed. A common example would be refreshing the browser window after uploading a changes to a webpage.
File extension for images created in Adobe Photoshop. Often Websites & More staff will refer to a file saved in this format simply as a "psd".
PDF stands for Portable Document Format a file format developed by Adobe Systems. It uses the formatting information of different applications to deliver the file in the way it was originally intended. You need Adobe Reader - a free download from Adobe Systems - to view a PDF file. A common use for PDFs would be placing an entire Word document on a "Web Server" for users to "download".










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